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  Finding Beauty with a Purpose

Sunday, April 7, 2019
by Bavina Sookdeo and the XX Team

A call has been made by the Miss World T&T (MWTT) franchise. Those who are interested in representing our country in Thailand in 2019 at the Miss World beauty pageant are asked to attend the franchise’s screening to be held at the Bungalow Restaurant and Lounge at 20 Rush Street, St Clair, on May 5 from 10am.
Naional diretor of MWTT Brian Gopaul told XX in an exclusive interview that he is extremely excited to see what this year’s screening will bring.
“The year 2018 has taught us a lot, being first time franchise holders” said Gopaul.
“So this year we are armed with that knowledge and we know exactly what type of girl we want for the pageant.”
“The girl,” he said, “must definitely be a team player. That is of extreme importance. In addition, she must be humble and truly be committed to a cause. She must be dedicated, driven, intelligent, compasionate and must posess true inner beauty.
In addition to those qualities, she must:

  • Have been born in, or is a naturalised citizen of T&T;
  • Be at least 17 years of age and under 27 years of age by September 1, 2019;
  • Be of good character (must not have any criminal record);
  • Possess a talent;
  • Have never given birth to a child;
  • Have not represented T&T or any other country in an international beauty contest;
  • Be involved and have proof of involvent in a charity project/organisation and be dedicated to working and helping the underprivileged;
  • Be able to work with the franchise and its sponsoring partners in keeping its goals and vision.

Last year, Ysabel Bisnath represented the country at the international beauty pageant. The response to Bisnath was incredible and although she did not place in the top ten, she was still admired and loved by many even after the competition.
Asked what he learnt from last year’s competition Gopaul related: “2018 taught us about hard work and the amount of dedication and commitment it takes to truly present a strong candidate to represent the country with pride.”
He added that 2018's experience made him realise the true importance of Beauty with a Purpose, the theme of the Miss World competition.
Started in 1972 by Miss World Chairwoman Julia, Morely, Beauty with a Purpose traverses the globe, supporting worthy charitable projects with reigning Miss World.
Gopaul stated that his vision for MWTT remained the same this year.
“Producing that ambassador that will represent our brand Trinidad and Tobago to the highest standard taking our brand, our country, out into the market from a standpoint for tourism and development."
So what can Trinidad and Tobago expect to see in this year’s Miss World T&T competition?
“We strongly focus on national pride and show­casing our culture and heritage” Gopaul noted, “so we are keeping it local with entertainment and content. It will be another red carpet event that is well choreoraphed—one that interested persons can truly come out and enjoy.”
The format for MWTT 2019 will be the same as last year. The franchise will partner with a local telecommunications provider in order to allow the public to vote. These votes will then be used as a part of the final score. The rest of the points will come from different areas:

  • The final interview
  • The pre­lims (three prelims) - Sport and Fitness
  • Top Model and Talent
  • The judges’ score on the final night
  • The franchise’s score

The girls will also be judged for several other categories and special awards including Multimedia (based on the number of postings and likes as well as public engagement)
Spirit of the pageant award
People’s choice award
“Our juding is very tranparent” said Gopaul.
“The judges for 2018 were all independent and have been associated with the beauy industry for years. This year, it will be no different. In addition, an independent accounting firm will again be tallying the final results.”
So what are the challenges that Gopaul is experiencing? He disclosed: “While we have commitments from several sponsors since 2018, most of the sponsorship comes in the form of a service or catering. We have not gotten any financial assistance from the Government either.
The tentative date for the MWTT pageant is July 7th and we hope to host it at NAPA. We are in the process of reaching out to the Ministry of Culture for a discounted rate for NAPA because it is a huge cost.
“It would make things a lot easier if the Government would lend a helping hand to the franchise since this delegate is ultimatly taking our country and all that is good about it to a whole other part of the world. She will be promoting the beautiful brand that is Trinidad and Tobago.”
A minimum of 12 girls will be selected on May 5th to compete in the pageant. The girls will be presented to the media and will then undergo training to represent our country in Thailand.
Training includes obtaining modelling and basic etiquette skills, public speaking and engagement in charity and mediadriven projects.

Gopaul said he was aware that there were manyg girls who were hesitant to apply. He encouraged, “Give yourself the opportunity to represent the country. It is a once in a life­time opportunity. Self doubt is your biggest enemy.

“For those who are willing to grasp this opportunity, you are asked to take note of the following screening requirements:

Two photos: one full length in swimwear and one headshot

A pair of high heels

A swimsuit

The entrant’s résumé

Two character references

A completed Application Form (at the venue)

For more information check out Miss World Trinidad and Tobago on Facebook.


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