By Terence Hilton Clarke
photo: Ilka Hilton-Clarke

Miss World TT collects copper repoussé for pageant's auction event


In light of the tremendous psychological stress suffered by many amongst the over four million souls who have fled the economic and social breakdown in Venezuela, the fact that there have been pockets of whole-hearted support within the various havens in which they have sought refuge has been welcoming.

In Trinidad and Tobago, various relief organisations have stepped forward to lend a helping hand – including one individual who is using her current status to draw particular attention to the plight of the Venezuelan children in this country.

Tya Jané Ramey, who will be representing Trinidad and Tobago at the 2019 Miss World pageant in London, England in December, launched Project Esperanza – Building Bridges, Not Walls back in July as a means of bringing awareness and sensitivity to the trials by fire that the youngsters endure on a daily basis. By partnering with the La Romaine Migrant Support Group, Ramey has been determined to ensure that the youths involved do enjoy the right to education. In addition, the kids have been exposed to the breaking down of barriers through the use of Trinidad and Tobago culture: 15 children were involved in a steel pan training camp hosted by the Golden Hands Pan Orchestra of San Fernando.

In turn, this is Ramey’s own contribution to the Beauty with a Purpose programme that was founded in 1972 and that allows Miss World contestants to get involved in a humanitarian project that will raise awareness and funds for the particular cause.

She will arrive in London next month with an attractive token from Trinidad and Tobago. Ramey was present at the Belmont studio of sculptor Glendon Morris to accept a copper repoussé he especially designed and created, entitled “The Spirit of Trinidad”, a depiction of a scene from this country’s world-renowned Carnival. Glendon Morris framed the finished work in indigenous teak wood from Trinidad. Tya will carry the work to London where it will be sold off at the Miss World silent auction event from which the proceeds will go towards the Beauty with a Purpose programme.

Glendon Morris, one of the sons of legendary sculptor Ken Morris, who continues his father’s legacy, conceived and created the repoussé, which shows a sailor from a Sailor Band – one of the truly iconic traditional Carnival characters – dancing with a modern day female masquerader. The Sailor Man wandered away from his band to look at other bands and when he reached a Contemporary Mas’ Band he spotted a beautiful, spirited, female Mas’ player to whom he was immediately very attracted. He invaded her band and started jumping up with her. It was love at first sight and he forgot to return to his own Sailor Mas’ band.

This year’s Miss World contest will be staged at ExCEL (Exhibition Centre London) on December 14 and will be broadcast live to over 150 countries globally, culminating in the crowning of the 69th Miss World queen.

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