Miss World TT 2019 , Tya Jané Ramey officially launched her
Beauty with a Purpose project on Friday  12th July


Overview  by Ms Tya Jane Ramey, Miss World TT 2019

I officially launched my Beauty with a Purpose project, Project Esperanza (Hope) in collaboration with the La Romaine Migrant Support Group (LARMS), a small volunteer group of The Roman Catholic Church.
My project aims to to sensitise and educate, to strengthen and expand.

I have been a product of collaborative and integrative nurturing, together with my single parent mother and the community where I grew up in of Five Rivers Village. This also set the foundation for my academic pursuit: Social Work and Social Policy, as I recognised the need for me to gain the knowledge, skills and experiences to better help me realise my life’s purpose: to serve. So, it was almost an immediate response to help this marginalised group with my Beauty with a Purpose Platform as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2019.

Trinidad and Tobago’s unique identity came from the morphing of our people who all look different, but all feel the same. Our history shows that our evolution has been based on the accommodation of people from varying countries and have different experiences. This could not have been possible without our innate ability to help, care and share, where our communities and cultures are set up in a way for reciprocal and mutual interaction. 

Project Esperanza hopes to harness this through music, art, theater, sport , culture, education, sensitisation, and major fund raising  projects  to bridge the gap between the Venezuelan Migrant Children and  the people of Trinidad and Tobago and thus, providing a sense of normality and love that conquers the trauma of displacement. This is a global crisis  and a humanitarian issue and my aim is to bring the world to a place where we can all make a difference one step at a time. 


Tya Jane Ramey 
Miss World TT 2019 








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