Contestants 2019

Tya Jané Ramey was crowned Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2019

Left to Right: Reiaz Mohammed (Nat. Co-Director)- Nikita Samlal (Rio Claro) Second Runner-up, Tya Jané Ramey - Winner,
Laura Lee Williams (Chaguanas) - First Runner-up and Nat. Director, Brian Gopaul

Tya Jané Ramey, from Five Rivers, Arouca, was crowned the new Miss World TT 2019 on Sunday, 16 June at the Naparima Bowl in San Fernando. 
She won Best Talent in a Miss World segment competition on 2nd of June when she played the saxophone and did a contemporary dance. She also won the Miss Photogenic award.

Ramey holds a BA in social work and social policies and is a National volleyball athlete, as well as a professional saxophone player.

She will represent Trinidad and Tobago in Miss World 2019 in London, England on December 14.


Tya's new video Women Empowerment:

Watch Tya Jané Ramey playing the saxophone in the Talent competition:

The Winners:
Competition in 80 seconds:

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Casting 2019:

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Congratulations to the 10 candidates selected to participate at the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2019 Pageant

photography © A Williams

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Dominique Ramsawak 23 - 5ft 2"
B.A. in International Studies

Karrielle Ramsden  22 - 6ft 1"
Fashion Model
Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in
Behavioural Sciences


Laura Lee Williams 17 - 5ft 9"
Fashion Model

Miranda Maharaj 25 -  5ft 3"
Medical Doctor
Sangre Grande Hospital


Nikita Samlal  21 - 5ft 9"
Pursuing a BSc in Crop Science and Technology

Rachel Gregoire 24 - 5ft 6"
Pursuing a BSc in International Management

Rene Brown   26- 5ft 6"
Business Psychologist

Shalini Soochit 24 - 5ft 3"
BA in Communication Studies

Tanika Durity  24 - 5ft 11"
Vocalist / Song Writer
Certificate in Public Administration

Tya Jané Ramey  21 - 5ft 11"
National Athlete
Pursuing a Degree in Social Work
with a Minor in Social Policy


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