Handover of copper repoussé "The Spirit of Trinidad"

Foremost Trinidad and Tobago copper repoussé artist, Glendon Morris, generously agreed to design, create and donate a copper sculpture to the Miss World Programme Beauty with a Purpose. This work will be taken to the Miss World Beauty Competition in December (2019) to London, UK. The Beauty with a Purpose programme is a registered charity and a non-profit organisation associated with Miss World. It raises money and participates in humanitarian projects across the world. Each competitor will bring a gift from her country for the auction.

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2019, Tya Jané Ramey came to Mr Morris's workshop in Belmont on 17.10.2019 where Glendon handed over the finished beautiful work of art, entitled The Spirit of Trinidad. The repoussé is surrounded by a handmade frame which Glendon made from our famous teak wood, grown in Trinidad for over 100 years and raised originally from Burmese seeds.

Progress from sketch to the finished art work>>



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